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Original Recipe on Tour(ettes)

Come get served at: Fri, Jan 26 2007 – London, Ontario @ The Alex P. Keaton Sat, Jan 27 2007 – Ottawa, Ontario @ The Mercury Lounge Sun, Jan 28 2007 – Toronto, Ontario @ Wavelength (Sneaky Dee’s) Thur, Feb 1 2007 – Hamilton, Ontario @ The Pepperjack Cafe Fri, Feb 2 2007 – Quebec [...]

The Four Senses

Girl, why you keep dem McNuggets to yourself? We recorded this… kinda drunk. [MP3 Included!]

Prove Anything

Steve basically put this together as an excuse to use samples we’d lifted from a record called “Guess Who’s Coming To Dinner”; which was a recording containing largely monologues from Black Vietnam Vets, something we can’t really identify with, but applaud their aplomb. [MP3 Included!]
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Gino Vanilla

Walking along Queen in Toronto, we dropped into Rotate This to look for something to sample. Dean asked the snooty record clerk for “the worst record in the whole store”. He quickly pulled out a milk crate from underneath some shelves, WAY in the back, and grabbed a Gino Vanelli record. He handed it to [...]


Horns + Cavernous Reverb + Wiggly bass. We wrote this remotely, passing the track back and forth via The Information Super Highway(TM) over a few weeks. [MP3 Included!]
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My first trip to NYC; visiting Steve in Brooklyn. I had been mugged the day before, and we were holed up in a cramped bachelor apartment with little sunlight, cradling $1.49 Budweiser 40oz’s. If you listen really closely, you can hear the lamentation of our livers. [MP3 Included!]
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Piurumpt is Icelandic for “the wind that escapes from a female’s nether regions; typically during or after coitus”. Truly a wonderful language. [MP3 Included!]
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Slow Motion Cowboy

Ths first track we ever wrote, back in 1996 in Ben Cormier’s apartment in Oakville, ON. It sounds like shit now, but at the time we thought we had basically discovered cold fusion or something. [MP3 Included!]
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