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Nigiri, Please

We’re working on something new. It’s going to kick your ass. I know, it’s been a long time since we’ve released anything, but how about you try writing music with someone 3000 miles away. Anyway, there’s some seriously, seriously hot jamz in this lineup, and it’s the best work we’ve ever done (except maybe for [...]
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Noisette is out, and you can buy it on iTunes or at and you should because it makes a conversation piece at parties and has caused the makin’ of more than a few babies. What’s To Eat Painted Ladies The Chase Flanched Farney Garney Gravel Parking Lot Big Tesuque KlymaxXx Wine & Candles All [...]

Milky Beats Anthology

This was our first “record”, completed in 1999. It’s more a compilation of our best work during this long, chaotic period of time. You can buy the album from iTunes. Neat! From the original release notes: “Original Recipe is Dean Williams [Quasimojo] and Steve Mason [in_tense]. This album represents nearly four years of collaborative work [...]